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3-Series Structural Integration 

A great introduction to structural integration work. These three structural integration sessions can help discover possible causes of difficulties in troubled areas that may have been overlooked in the past.

*I may recommend additional sessions to cover troubled areas in more depth.

Session 1: Focus on the lower body to the pelvic girdle
Session 2: Target upper body and shoulder girdle
Session 3: Focus on the spine connecting shoulder and pelvic girdle

6-8 Series Structural Integration - Moira is offering this series for those individuals that do not want to commit to the 12-Series, but still want the opportunity to explore troubled areas to help find more balance in the body and improve postural alignment. The first two sessions will focus on differentiating the superficial fascial lines of the body. The next two to three sessions will dive deeper into the core muscles. The final two sessions will consist of the integration of the superficial and deep core fascial meridians to help the individual find more balance in their body.

12-Series Structural Integration - (12 sessions)

It is a process of exploring the structure and function of the body as a whole. It has a beginning, middle, and end to it. Each session builds on the other to help restore balance, reorganize the body’s soft tissue and improve body intelligence and spatial awareness. In structural integration, the participant actively engages in the process, having them do the movement with deep fascial manual work to further enhance body awareness, free areas of restriction, and unwind tension patterns of soft tissue to create space for a “New” pattern to land in the body. The goal is to then help the client find ways to own this newfound posture as they continue in the restorative process on their own over time. Learn more about structural integration!

1 on 1 Pilates Reformer session - Initial consult fee $100 for 75 minutes
This includes intake, assessment, and initiation of an exercise program.
Following sessions $75 1 hr session


One hour session $100.00
One hour 30 minute session $130.00
Two hour session $150.00





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